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Savor the Flavors: Take-Out and Delivery from Thai Square in Des Plaines, IL

Craving a taste of Thailand without leaving the comfort of your home? Thai Square in Des Plaines, IL, offers a delicious array of dishes perfect for take-out or delivery. Whether you're in the mood for a light appetizer, a hearty soup, or a flavorful entrée, Thai Square has something for everyone. Here's a closer look at some must-try menu items that will transport your taste buds straight to the bustling streets of Bangkok.

Chicken Satay: A Perfect Start

Begin your meal with the Chicken Satay, a beloved Thai appetizer. These grilled marinated chicken skewers are tender and packed with flavor. The skewers come with a side of rich, creamy peanut sauce that adds a delightful nutty sweetness. Paired with a refreshing cucumber salad, this dish is a harmonious blend of textures and tastes that will leave you wanting more.

Tom Yum Soup: A Burst of Spicy & Sour

For those who love a bit of heat, the Tom Yum Soup is a must-order. This classic Thai soup is both spicy and sour, featuring a fragrant broth made with lemongrass, lime juice, and chili paste. It's filled with mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro, creating a symphony of flavors in every spoonful. Whether you're feeling under the weather or just in need of a comforting dish, Tom Yum Soup is sure to satisfy.

Pad Thai: A Timeless Favorite

No Thai meal is complete without Pad Thai, and Thai Square's version does not disappoint. This iconic dish consists of small thin rice noodles stir-fried in a tangy tamarind sauce with eggs, bean sprouts, and green onions. The noodles are topped with ground peanuts, adding a pleasant crunch to each bite. It's a balanced dish that's both savory and slightly sweet, making it a perennial favorite among diners.

Cashew Chicken: A Nutty Delight

For a dish that's both sweet and savory, try the Cashew Chicken. This entrée features tender chicken stir-fried with cashew nuts, pineapple, onions, carrots, bell peppers, and celery, all tossed in a delectable sweet chili sauce. The combination of crunchy cashews and sweet pineapple chunks with the mildly spicy sauce creates a dynamic and satisfying dish that's perfect for any occasion.

Spicy Seafood Noodle: A Flavorful Medley

Seafood lovers will be delighted by the Spicy Seafood Noodle. This dish boasts egg noodles stir-fried with a combination of fresh seafood, eggs, and assorted vegetables, all enveloped in a spicy chili sauce. The medley of flavors and textures from the seafood and vegetables makes this dish a standout, offering a bit of heat and a lot of satisfaction.

Easy and Convenient

Ordering take-out or delivery from Thai Square is a breeze. Simply visit their website or give them a call, and you'll have a delicious Thai meal ready to enjoy at home in no time. Whether you're hosting a small gathering or enjoying a quiet night in, Thai Square's diverse menu has something for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Thai Square in Des Plaines, IL, brings the authentic flavors of Thailand right to your doorstep. From the savory Chicken Satay to the flavorful Spicy Seafood Noodle, every dish is crafted with care and packed with flavor. So next time you're craving Thai food, skip the cooking and treat yourself to a delightful meal from Thai Square. Your taste buds will thank you!

Whether you're a Thai food aficionado or a curious newcomer, Thai Square's take-out and delivery options offer a delicious and convenient way to enjoy the rich, vibrant flavors of Thailand at home

Thai Square, Des Plaines, IL

Thai Square, Des Plaines, IL

Thai Square, Des Plaines, IL

Thai Square, Des Plaines, IL